For whom?


Basically for anyone who wants to have his or her Tree made.

A  few examples:

  • Your own Tree of Life – to understand who you really are…

  • Tree of birth. At the birth of a child, grandchild or another precious human child.

  • Tree of Friendship. Because of your wonder-filled friendship you desire to present a Tree of Life to a valued Friend.

  • Children’s Tree/Tree of consolation. I am thinking now especially about the loss of a child. This Tree of Life would offer insight and especially solace in the form the child presents itself...
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  • A practice, company, association or organization.

  • (Opening of) a building.

  • For each event, idea, opportunity or desire a Tree of Life is possible.

To all Trees of Life belongs an accompanying text, allowing deep access of its significance. See elsewhere on this website.