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                       Dineke Brouwer

My name is Dineke Brouwer

After having given drawing lessons for many years and starting my practice in Naturopathy some 16 years ago, I now specialize in creating ‘Trees of Life’ for people, companies and organizations.

My drawing intuitively is done with heart and soul and is the most beautiful and gratifying thing I have been able to do thus far. How a personal Tree Of Life comes about is to be read elsewhere [add link] in this website.

The Trees of Life are not only works of art to look at and enjoy, but for those who are able to open up for them, they can work moving, inspiring and transforming.

I am able to read the energy of people which I express in the form of a Tree Of life. The shapes, colours and symbols come to me from days long gone.

When your Tree Of Life is finally ready, it will be sent to the framer, for clamping on etching cardboard, in order to keep it good-looking. Then we will be looking for the right color for a passe partout and a suitable frame.

When you come to pick up the framed Tree Of Life, you get it along with a personal text folder.

For sending it to far places the glass is too fragile and can only be shipped as a carefully packed drawing. In that case you may choose to get it framed yourself.

The most common formats of the framed Trees Of Life are 40 x 50 cm and 50 x 60 cm, or approximately 16 x 20 and 20 x 24 inches.

It is my wish that you will enjoy your personal Tree of Life with as much joy and happiness as possible.