Peter and Ann:

Thanks for the wonderful representation of our joint Tree of Life. Peter was pleasantly surprised and could not imagine you got no personal information from us.
The connection is impressive and appears familiar to us. It is more than a painting, because it is our "being" that is represented here. We are impressed by the powerful portrayal and touched by the explanation in the manual. We have studied the trees with your beautiful text and found many points of recognition. Individually, but also in regard of the connection to each other.

I must admit it sometimes is scary accurate. In the male tree you mentioned the spine. It would be physically weak and it is so very true that it remains secure because of Peter’s optimism.
It's catchy we still experience and witness the trunk and branches of the trees in that way. At the right tree you mentioned two upright fish. These I do not recognize, though, but perhaps that will come.

We see our common Tree of Life as an anchor for our togetherness and wish for ourselves an awesome progression.


My first reaction was astonishment and admiration that it is possible to portray a human being in his personal being, just on one piece of paper. When you look closely you can see before you past, present and future in the infinity of time in front of you, which is almost beyond comprehension.

What struck me the most:
• A book; for me the Book of books
• The watching over evil, the box of Pandora
• The globe, carried by the hand of Jesus.

Originally on the globe banners had been drawed, but according to Dineke it had become chaos, so she finally glued something over it. Normally one would have said: ‘oops’, I'm apparently doing something wrong and need to create a new one. Not so.

This fact seems to me exactly what it is all about. Again it shows how personal the drawing is, because this is just the common thread in my personal life. Creation, the world, the ultimate goal. Concern for the diversity of (flags) nations, who only want to annoy each other. This will have to change some day.
Dineke stated in my drawing, that I do not have to worry, though. The globe is carried by the hand of Jesus and eventually energy will be caused to flow over it so the whole world will be once again able to flow and creation will be understood.

In the drawing I quietly rest against the tree and am able to let go. Awesome, thank you Dineke!



Tonight I took ample time to view my Tree of Life and reading your accompanying text. Many thoughts came about, getting me to contemplate. It also gave me peace and confirmation.
I experience the Tree of Life as a milestone, a beacon, from where I can go on. To continue on my path of doubt and sorrow, but also of beauty and inspiration.
Thanks for this glance at my path through time.

Theo and Monique:

For both of my children you have made ​​a Tree of Life at birth. The differences are quite significant, but in the accompanying text you have clearly indicated where they come from.
Aside from the fact that my husband and I found the beautifully framed drawings very pleasant, we were touched by their symbolism.
From bottom to top you draw their origins, talents, characters and missions in their lives.
Now, a year later, I recognize their being more and more and also the differences are becoming all the more obvious.
The Trees of Life are hanging above their beds, so they will grow up with them and possibly later, will recognize their own and your symbolism.
Dineke, thank you. It is something very special. We are so very happy with them!