Tree of Life

                   is created

After receiving the picture, for whom the Tree of Life is meant, at first I’ll meditate on the job to be done. My left hand rests on the photo and then I start drawing. I let myself be guided by energies in and around me. This can go on for hours until I feel the energy decreasing.

I work directly with the stylus and use no pencil. Gradually a ‘crisscross game’ creates itself with characters, symbols, later on coloured with the Tree of Life as a core. Every line, each symbol and color has its own personal meaning. I focus entirely on the person for whom the tree is intended.

Once again in meditation I follow the energy of the Tree of Life and write down what it wants to say for whom it is intended. In that way the receiving person can also distinguish the internal meaning of the lines, symbols and colors.
This wording is delivered in an attached folder, so it can always be read over again.

The image of the tree will provide inspiration, insight and courage en route to a greater awareness.

It is my heart-desire that for you it will become a personal beacon in time.

Light-rich greeting,
Dineke Brouwer