of the

                                       Trees of Life

For centuries, the symbol of the Tree of life is known to us. It is rooted in religious traditions and cultures.

It is a symbol of immortality, beginning and end, the eternal cycle of life. It is created from a tiny seed enclosed in the womb of mother earth. Its branches are growing roots in the underworld that will grow upwards, towards the light and the sun.

It is fed by the juices of the earth and warmed by the sun. Its branches are like arms, carrying leaves, fruits and flowers. Until they also drop their seeds onto the ground and sprout again.

A continuing growth, live and revive, die and reborn gain. A beautiful symbolism, reminding me of mankind.

The ground from where man sprouts can be seen as his background; his genes and talents as the position of the planets at the moment of his birth. His legs, the roots, might be able to narrate about any previous incarnation. With his arms, his branches, he reaches for the sky and the fruits he either bears or not, symbolizes his life.

Which road will this specific Tree of Life take? How long and how strong are his roots? How great is the power of his courage to live and the energy with which he draws strength from his talents.

His further path goes up through the trunk. Where will he perhaps gets stuck, where will his journey end, what might dissuade him to go on...?

Does he find a fire to shape his branches and the juices to feed his leaves and fruits? Or does he wither halfway and maybe gives up or possibly goes on in spite of the storms that plague him additionally?

Maybe he will have to fit in some respite to survey within himself, to see, to comprehend, if the branches he moulds grow into the right direction. His inner mirror might tell him.

How would he bear fruit, and for whom does he want it? Does he only want it for himself or is he going to share? Enjoying what he has created. Created from the juices of earth’s water from which he emerged. Sometimes with extreme effort elicited from occasionally poor soil.

And then, when the fruits hang from its branches as magnificent bunches. Does it give them power? Do they reach up into the sky or are they going to hang down and collapse under so much beauty?

How high the branches will grow, where do they stand for, what do they want to accomplish and who do they want to reach? Do they grow into the heavens to other worlds, in order to be able to see and behold the world?
Who knows....?

How does your Tree of Life look like? What do the colors and the form of the branches, flowers and fruits that will grow, say about you?

What can this Tree do for you? What's your story, what are your given talents and what your thread is. It is maybe your mission in this life? Where are the opportunities for further growth?

At the realization of your particular Tree of Life I will tune into your energy, expressing it in the form of a Tree of Life. A tree of ‘Life’ that includes and expresses just You.
The symbols that are drawn are from ancient times. The colors and shapes are created during the alignment. I feel supported by the energies leading me.

Your personal Tree of Life will be inspiring and transforming. And healing whenever possible...