I would like to tell you about the Tree of Consolation.

A tree… a tree of life, filled with consolation.
It is my intention to create, by means of this comfort, a tree of life for any parent who has lost a precious child.

It is impossible to describe how great the grief in such a situation and how rudderless you stand in life.

The sweetest thing you have is gone! The physical presence, the essence, the smell and all things associated with this most precious being.

By drawing a Tree of Consolation it is my hope to connect with the one that is so dear to you and to let steer my hand in form and symbolism just for and by the child itself.

I believe that each soul lives on and would want to comfort you in this unusual way. Perhaps the child wants to offer you something from which you may draw reassurance and consolation.

Dear parent, with great care and dedication, I will know myself privileged to be allowed to create a Tree of Life just for you and for the child you lost...!

Here is a poem which was ever passed on by a deceased child of only 2 years of age.

Mommy, mommy, I love you mommy…
Don't be afraid, I'm here,
Right behind you…

Close to you, the best of all mommies
Look around and feel me
I'm right beside you, always and always

The other side of the River
Is also here, not forward
Not backward, but here
And everywhere around you…

Please, don't
Cry for me any longer
I'm here with you
And I won't let you down

I’ll kiss you always…